Wednesday, December 21

Writing Wednesday! Extract from 'Livestock'

Have a bite of my work-in-progress, Livestock, also known as Project: Stone Cold Bummer.

The manager pulled it from the factory cages and took it to the medical wing. 

The wing was huge, white and grey, usually reserved for quarantines. She didn't let anyone else look at it, not even to hose it down. She was smart that way. 

She washed it herself, then ran its barcode. A yearling – somewhere from twelve to fourteen. In that case, it was a runt.

She clapped in its face and it started. She tugged its hair, pinched its scrawny arm, and it squealed, backing away from her. 
She drew a pen from her pocket and threw it across the room; its clear blue eyes followed the ballpoint to rest.

Livestock don't do that. 

Something was very wrong.


  1. Thanks :D I'm so keen to finish this manuscript, I've been trying to get this story out of my head for five years and only have 10k down on paper!

  2. Glad you like it :) Will hopefully be posting more soon.

  3. Very interesting! I want to know what happens now! Who doesn't love an amazingly intelligent, otherworldly animal?? :)

  4. Oh! Nice excerpt. I would definitely have wanted to keep reading if it had been a teaser for a available book. :)  


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