Saturday, March 12

11 Legendary Links (woven into a boring catch-up post)

Okay, so I haven't posted in a gajillion years. But only because my life is really boring.

To keep you reading, I'm going to offer you a super sparkly and interesting link for every boring update about me. This is a play-by-play of the last four and a half months, with a bunch of LOLworthy sites in between. Enjoy!

BORING FACT: After much suffering, I finally finished my Honours courses. I could have celebrated by getting a really neat cake (but I didn't.)
INTERESTING LINK: Cake Wrecks has inspired ideas for my next fifty-thousand cake-worthy occasions.

BORING FACT: The holidays were uneventful. I may as well have slept through them all. (And I did.)
INTERESTING LINK: Sleep Talkin' Man is my hero. You don't have to be awake to be awesome!

BORING FACT: I realised that since I'm not going back to varsity, I'm pretty much a grown-up now. Instead of talking about ponies and how awesome it is to sleep all day, I have to have deep, intense conversations with my colleagues and peers.
INTERESTING LINK: Overheard in New York collects evidence of the way grown-ups talk.

BORING FACT: I was unemployed and useless for a while there, as I looked for work as a talk show host or rocketship pilot. I also spent a lot of time on Youtube.
INTERESTING LINK: A Very Potter Musical is the best thing ever. Seriously.

BORING FACT: I didn't know why the universe would spend all that time and energy making me exist just to sleep and watch daytime TV.
INTERESTING LINK: The Perry Bible Fellowship did not exactly restore my faith.

BORING FACT: I got super excited about a job that turned out to be super lame.
INTERESTING LINK: Cracked and Plants vs. Zombies kept me conscious throughout most of it.

BORING FACT: I quit my lame job because I figured I could do better. With my passion for writing, my legendary ability to screw things up and my knack for staying conscious up to 8 hours a day, I could change the world.
INTERESTING LINK: Engrish shows us all how beautiful the English language can be when you screw it up.

BORING FACT: I'm not changing the world.
INTERESTING LINK: The Everyone Is Gay ladies are, and they're freakin hilarious.

BORING FACT: But instead I'm relaxing at home, thinking of awesome stories I should get around to writing, and squishing my adorable cat.
INTERESTING LINK: Cute Overload pales in comparison to my cat. But you should check it out anyway.

BORING FACT: I keep falling down.
INTERESTING LINK: Hyperbole and a Half is awesome.

So now you're all caught up on my life! I'll see you in about four and a half months, when I'll be able to tear myself away from all these sites long enough to post again.