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Here are the blogs that make me happy, in alphabetical order because that makes me even happier.

"One slightly neurotic woman's journey into the realms of... writing, running, mid-life crises, family, marriage and other calamitous areas. My full name is Mittie Jane. Get it?" A funny and genuinely awesome lady with plenty of witty things to say.
  "Mysticism, Skepticism, Faith and Reason." And lulz.

"Home of the Visual Dare, and a cornucopia of other things (mostly of the writing sort.)" A talented indie writer and lovely lady.

"When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." If you haven't seen this site before, going through the archives will be time well wasted. You're welcome. 
"Musings on Motherhood, Writing, and Life" this intriguing blog has daily updates of 100 words each. 

"An irreverent guide to classic literature." Classics meet sass. It's sassics! (that was weak.) 

"Babble, rant, repeat." Cara Michaels is an up-and-coming indie writer who's all about setting up challenges and engaging with the writer community. 
"Eating normally is the new black." This woman is so refreshingly sensible about food I think she may be from another planet.

The clever, sarcastic, and silly blog of John Finnemore, my future husband favourite comedian. 

"Connecting with your inner geek!" Paula is a sweet and savvy blogger who manages to find the coolest stuff on the internet and link it up in endearing posts.
Creative, original, honest and utterly hilarious. If you haven't read this blog by now, clear your schedule, son!
Beautiful pictures of a down-to-earth British girl with original style and not a duck-face in sight. 

"Shabby Chic Sarcasm." Laird is awesome, smart, helpful and a great writer. And she enables my Benedict Cumberbatch obsession. So read her blog. Or marry her. Whatever's easiest.

 "The rocky road of an aspiring author." Lillie is funny, sweet and creative, having invented the fun and popular Five Sentence Fiction challenges.

"One hungry vegan baking, studying, and braving the weather in a strange land." Ali is hilarious, honest, and makes you want to go on adventures. 

"Two halves to every whole, two sides to every story." A charming and engrossing look into the life of a fashionable young lady.

"This blog is an attempt to offer those considering graduate school some good reasons to do something else." When I was trying to talk myself into doing Masters, this blog saved my ass by putting into sensible, numbered posts what I only knew as a dread in my gut. I still keep up with it and it keeps reminding me that I made the right decision by leaving academia.
A too-small glimpse into the mind of one of the smartest and most creative people I know. 
"My mild-mannered English husband Adam lives quite a colourful existence in his dreams." Consistently funny and bizarre! 

"Sexuality and feminism with a lesbian slant. Our cookies are enabled." Smart, empowering, and highly readable stuff.  

"Living a creative life and telling you all about it." A sweet lady who also happens to be a creative and engaging blogger.

"This blog is for the Lost. For the peculiar, the idiosyncratic, the outsiders. For those who lie awake at night and wish the stars would speak to them. This blog is a collection of charming bits and bobs of artistry, along with thought-provoking interviews with artists, stories and poetry. Thespians and compulsive readers and eshu are welcome. Share a song or a story, stay awhile."  Anna is a talented writer, insightful reviewer, creative competition-maker, generous supporter of other writers, and a beautiful person.

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