Monday, January 27

My Sherlock Season 3 Feelings

Mediocre as fuck.

I can't even with this shit. So I'm gonna express myself through gifs.

[Disclaimer: I watched each episode once before posting, so this isn't going to have spoilers because I can't even remember WTF pissed me off. BUT THESE ARE MY FEELINGS.]

So I guess the writers just looked at the style, the characters, the quality of the show and said 

And I'm just sitting there watching like 

So this is what I have to say to whomever's fault it was that this season was horrific:

yeah, you, assbutt.

Just because you have Benedict Cumberbatch strutting around all like

And Martin Freeman making me feel all

Doesn't mean you can do a half-assed version of a script that has so many plotholes in it, it may as well have been crocheted. That leaves so many questions unanswered, it may have been a - uh - a QUESTION PARADE.

When I could keep my eyes open, the only thing I kept thinking was

And WHERE THE HELL IS PAUL McGUIGAN. The phenomenal director made Sherlock the most eye-fuckable show on TV ever. And he was nowhere to be seen. By the end of the season, the show doesn't even LOOK like Sherlock anymore. UUUUGH.

I just.... man. I feel like everyone phoned it in. 

Sherlock was the ONLY show that could keep me enthralled for 90 goddamn minutes. But by the half hour mark of each episode I was just like

Well, I guess it's better to have a BRILLIANT  show deteriorate into mediocrity than to be cut off in its prime. Right? I guess it's a bit pointless to criticise it now, because they're going to keep making it until it gets so bad that the cast refuse to perform the terrible scripts (hey, that happens.) So this blog post is one big moo point.

But hey, even though I pretty much hated the third season, the first two are still my religion. And Benedict Cumberbatch is still made of sexual rainbows.

So if you're gonna call me a hater, go ahead

And anyone who tells me that Elementary is better? My reaction is, and always will be:

And yeah, of course I'm going to keep watching until this show goes down in flames. If only to blog about the fall.

Because why? Because BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.