Tuesday, June 19

My Blogging Life in Neil Patrick Harris Gifs

Today I saw this amazing list of Neil Patrick Harris gifs, which spoke to me so deeply I had to make a post out of them. I'm probably doing this "When X happens, my reaction is Y" meme wrong, but I don't think there's police for that.


So Here's My Blogging Life In NPH Gifs OMG

When I realize someone other than my mom reads my blog



When I blog about something and everyone assumes I'm an expert


When I keep to my posting schedule



When I think about monetizing


When I finally hit POST


When that post still has zero comments


When I get that "1 new comment" email


When some bitch has more followers than me


When I get more followers than that bitch


When a commenter corrects me


When somebody finds my blog entertaining / helpful


 Oh, and when you make it to the end of this post

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