Thursday, August 18

The Magical Lunar Seahorse Angel

This one time, I was watching TV, (this is how most of my stories start) and there was this fantastically uninformative and mildly entertaining show about… ::shudders::… mysterious things. (What show was that? Boston Rob was in it!)

It was called… um… UFO Investigates? Sci-fi investigates? Mysterious Investigations..? Investigating Mysterious Things That Other People Have Investigated Before Us And Reached No Useful Conclusions And After Twenty Minutes of Cheesy Mysterious Music and Cute Editing We Reach No Useful Conclusions?

Something like that, anyway. It had this brilliant moment where a local in some hick town had a whole photo album of UFO sightings and such. One of the pictures was a Polaroid of the back of a guy’s head – but get this – there was no guy there when he’d taken the picture!

Dun dun DUUUUN.

He was just, like, you know, taking pictures of the lawn outside his house at night, and judging by how blurry the picture was I’m almost sure he was sober, so there can be no other reasonable explanation. The photograph was of an alien! An alien who only looked like a person, but a person invisible to the naked eye (an ingenious double-disguise, that sneaky alien bastard) but who showed up on the picture, because... well... the alien wasn’t expecting anybody to take pictures of a seemingly empty piece of lawn, okay?! So he didn’t take his photo-invisibility ray-gun with him on the trip. Ha!

And because I can’t find the actual show online (that’s how bad it was) here’s a watermarked image that’s sort of the same:

Funny story, because I was actually taking a picture of the empty sky the other night when I noticed a MAGICAL LUNAR SEAHORSE ANGEL!

No, seriously.


  1. Stasia LoutfrakhmanovaDecember 16, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    HAHAHA! :D

    But, Das, the alien had different characteristics, like his ear was redder and a different shape or something.... Dun Dun DUN!!

  2. You should call up the show and have them investigate! I bet there have been other sightings of the MLSA.

  3. Unfortunately, "Sci Fi Investigates" only had 6 episodes back in 2006 - but I'm sure I could get Boston Rob to look into it, and pay him with chicken wings...


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