Saturday, June 19

I have the weirdest sense that I'm being followed...

Did you know that you can stalk me with one click of your mouse? Unsettling, isn't it?

Well, turns out you can click the "Follow" button on your right - beneath the long ad for cartoonifying yourself / buying sexy Asian singles / cartoonifying your wedding photos to aforementioned sexy Asian.

So, you click "Follow" and suddenly, as if by magic, you (and your sexy Asian) get all of this blog's updates conveniently in one little reader. Apparently, I have three followers already! But I'm going to need a bit more so that I can apply for my Cult Leader's License.

(Oh, and while you're in the clicking mood, take a click at some of the ads. You don't have to buy anything, but by clicking them you support me and my bloggery efforts. Go on, those sexy Asians aren't going to cartoonify themselves!)

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