Sunday, September 26

Fragment (consider revising)

I was born in Russia | and raised in South Africa | I sound American | and feel like an alien | been dreaming of Japan for a decade | but I don't drive, dammit | What do you do with a B.A. in English? | It seemed like a good idea at the time | Burning daylight waiting for my life to start | Deadlines are more like guidelines | I have braingels (brain angels) | People say I'm smart, but I know better | I like purple and Hello Kitty and sleeping late | I do everything Oprah tells me to do | I get defensive and critical and grumpy sometimes | My Circadian rhythms fail me | I heart gingers | Who the hell am I without varsity? | a little paranoid | a little reckless | I like comedy and satire and Cormac McCarthy | It's not my fault that life's more fun when I'm tipsy | If I know you, I've probably had a few perfect conversations with you in my head | life's better with pets | I only like attention in theory | I should really stop tearing my hair out | At home, I usually walk on my tiptoes | I believe in miracles.

1 comment:

  1. The American accent confuses me, I'll admit.

    You're not an alien. You're a special human.

    You should become a professor, that's what.

    You -are- smart.

    I never knew you liked purple. I imagined you as a pink person.


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